what is the full form of cng gas

Just about every single thing that happens on any given day in our life is covered by our cntg gas.

I’m not sure if I’m talking about cng gas or CNG, but the two are often used interchangeably. The difference is that cng gas is a fuel that is being produced by the burning of natural gas. CNG is the refined version of this fuel, and is used in the production of liquid fuels and for vehicles.

CNG is the liquid version of cng gas, and is used to make diesel fuel, natural gas, and liquid fuel. It is the only form of energy that is produced that is not consumed. The fuel burned in the engine of a CNG vehicle is usually converted to electricity, and used at the power plants.

The key to using cng gas is to use it as fuel. The fuel is essentially a natural gas that is used to make gasoline and diesel. Of course, when it’s used as fuel, the gas is sometimes used as a fuel by the engines, and sometimes as a fuel by the driver. After you’ve got the fuel, you’re going to have to make an extra charge of the fuel to use it as fuel.

A CNG vehicle is a type of gasoline powered vehicle that has a liquid fuel system and a diesel fuel system. These vehicles are fueled by the regular gasoline that is used as a fuel at the power plants. The gas is burned and converted into electricity. This electricity is used to power the vehicle.

CNG is a type of compressed natural gas (CNG) which is often used to power automobiles. The term was developed in the 1990s as a more affordable way of getting around the environmental regulations that prevented the use of diesel fuel. CNG was originally created to get around pollution regulations, but is now popularly used in cars as well.

I suppose it wouldn’t be a complete surprise that the CNG car wouldn’t be quite as pretty to look at as the regular gasoline vehicle would be. The regular car, while it will look and even feel very familiar, is probably the one most people would be familiar with first. Still though, it’s hard to imagine that people would suddenly be getting green cars.

As you may know, there are two types of CNG cars: those that use regular gasoline and those that use CNG. The first type is a little more fuel efficient (since it burns cleaner) and will produce slightly less smog (since you dont get the dirty air from the gasoline). The second type is completely pollution free and will produce as much smog as the regular gasoline car.

That’s why most people seem to get green cars these days. The biggest reason people are getting green cars today is that they are the ones that are selling in the most cities.

CNG cars are cleaner than regular gasoline cars because they use less gasoline. A normal gasoline car burns a few hundred liters of fuel per mile. A CNG car is more like a hybrid/electric car. It has a small gasoline engine and a larger internal combustion engine, both of which use fuel. The gasoline engine is used to power the transmission and braking systems, while the internal combustion engine is used to drive the car.

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