vijaydevarakonda movies list


I have never been a vijaydevarakonda fan. I’m not sure if I did it intentionally, but I don’t think I have even a passing interest in his movies.

Still, he has a lot of good movies. I would first recommend the original Kama Sutra, a sci-fi action thriller, followed by the highly underrated Kama Sutra: The Return, in which he plays a magician. Then there is another movie that I think should be highly recommended, Madras Cafe, in which he played a man who was a celebrity chef in India. Finally there is a movie that should be watched all the time.

The first film, Kama Sutra, was a 1990 Tamil action-thriller movie that starred Rajinikanth as a young man who had to leave his home town to find his way in the world. The second film, Kama Sutra, is a 1997 action thriller starring Rajinikanth in his latest film, which is a sequel to the first film. The third film, Madras Cafe, is a 2001 comedy-action thriller starring Rajinikanth.

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