vijay devarakonda wedding

After a very long time in limbo, the wedding of one of the most well-known actors of Telugu film industry Vijaydeva Kondala and actress Shweta Manikonda has finally been officially concluded. The day was a big one for both Vijay and Shweta.

The wedding was the first formal meeting of the two since Vijay got married in 2013. During the event, Shweta’s mother, Jyothi, gave the couple a surprise gift and asked the couple to share more about each other. Vijay was so touched by the gesture, he said that he has been waiting for this day for a long time. He was also wearing a special ring with the name of Shweta on it.

After the wedding, Shweta’s sister, Lianne, took the surprise gift away from Jyothi and told her how much she loves her sister. What really happened was that Shweta got into a fight with her sister and Shweta’s mother, who was also from the same family. The fight turned into a fight that sent Lianne and Shweta into a heated argument.

This is a very sad story about a family feud that turned to hate. Vijay’s sister, Shwetas mother, and sister-in-law all died in one of her fights. One minute Shweta was a healthy and happy young girl, and the next she was a very broken and lonely person with no friends. Just like Vijay, Shweta was not her usual self.

There are a few ways in which Vijay’s death has changed her. First of all, it’s made her more angry. She’s now a person who doesn’t like to be in the same room as her sister or her mother. However, one of the biggest changes she’s made is that she no longer likes to be a part of the family feud. She doesn’t like to see other relatives get hurt or to be involved in fights. She’s grown up.

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