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I have been a fan of the book by Dr. Daniel Amen for a very long time. In it, he explores the concept of the three levels of self-awareness. It is a concept that has been debated for years, but it has never been more relevant to our culture.

For one, it’s not just about how we think; it’s also about what we do.

While it’s true that most people don’t consciously think about the future, they do often have “second-thoughts” about what they think will happen in the future. We’ve all had these second-thoughts that we didn’t realize were in our head when we made a choice or said something. It’s in these second thoughts that many of us decide to act.

The concept of second-thoughts is a well-known one, and it has been around for thousands of years. As far as I know, we still use it to this day. Most of us are able to consciously recall a thought that we had a moment ago. But most of us do not consciously think about things that have happened in the past.

This is why we have second-thoughts, and why we often do things that we don’t realize that we’ve done.

The second-thoughts that we feel are the ones that most influence our behavior. We feel that our actions are strongly influenced by the second-thought that we had just before we did them. If we had not had a second-thought to think about the first thing we did, we would have just done it regardless of what we thought.

This is true, and unfortunately, most of us have a hard time remembering. The first thing we do when something happens is to think about it. This is where our second thoughts come into play. There are a few things that people fail to remember because our second thoughts just make it easier to forget. The first thing we do when we eat a new food is to think about it. If we didn’t have a second thought about eating that new food, we would have just eaten it anyway.

This is also true, and unfortunately it’s more common, that most of us forget the things we do that make us angry. We don’t realise that our first thoughts are the things that turn us into angry people because we have those second thoughts. We would never do the same thing if we were not thinking about what we did before we did it.

We all know that someone is always judging or criticizing us. It is so natural and common to do it that we let ourselves get caught up in it. Just like we shouldnt look at ourselves in the mirror or take a shower that time we see a reflection of ourselves in the mirror. We should never do that, and since we have this tendency to look at ourselves in the mirror, we should not take a step back when we see a reflection.

It is important to be in the moment. If you are thinking about or doing something that does not matter to you right now, then you are not being in the moment. If you are looking at something in the past and that is how you think about it, then you are not experiencing it now.


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