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SmitaGate is a blog I’ve been sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Linkedin, and Instagram for over five years. I started it as a way to share my thoughts and interests; it quickly evolved into a space where I share food and drink recipes, as well as thoughts on various topics. Now, the focus is on the people and their food, plus how to make delicious food.

SmitaGate is a blog that is full of delicious recipes Ive tested and tried over the years. So if you are looking for a great recipe for pizza or a great meal or a great drink you can visit the blog and find great dishes for your palate and your taste buds.

While there are recipes for everything on the site, the focus is on food. Ive also been using the site as a place to share recipes that have made me laugh, make me cry, and make me forget all about my day. It’s a place I go to for entertainment, relaxation, and reflection. You can read all my thoughts and recipes on smita gate in the comments below or visit the site yourself.

The site is a lot like a recipe blog, so expect to see lots of recipes and pictures of my food creations.

For example, one of my favorite recipes is a rice and lentil salad that I made one time for my roommate’s birthday party. The rice and lentil salad recipe is an easy, quick, and delicious way to create a salad that you can eat with just a bit of butter and a little bit of lemon juice.

The site is actually two sites. One is the recipe blog where I post recipes which I make, and the other is a cooking and baking forum which I also visit. In the past, I also used it to create a recipe podcast, but that was an experiment that didn’t really turn out as planned.

You should definitely check out the site for recipes. You’ll notice that some recipes contain unnecessary ingredients, while others contain more complex ingredients, and some recipes contain just the right amount of ingredients. This is where the new site comes in. The recipes are basically the same as the recipe posts which I made in the first place. They’ve been updated regularly to better reflect this.

The new recipe site will function as an RSS feed with new recipes posted every day. Theyll be posted by both smita and smita-gate, but smita will also be doing a podcast format for the recipe site. It’s not something I’m doing just yet, but I’ll let smita-gate know about it.

Smita will also be the author of a new blog where the site will post new recipes and write about the process of making them.

Smita has written over a dozen books and countless other articles which have been published in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

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