shit meaning in telugu


You know the saying, “I know what it means, so why do I have to prove it”? That’s essentially what it means in Telugu. This is basically an attempt to prove it to anyone who’d listen. Telugu people, particularly those who speak it fluently, are often very skeptical and skeptical people. So, this is a way to prove it to them.

Telugu is one of the most lingo-heavy languages in the world, with a large number of words that have very specific meanings in terms of everyday life and customs. In this case, it’s saying something that you can’t or do not want to actually say. So for example, if you are stuck at a traffic light, and you want to say, “Stop the light!”, you can’t because that would be wrong.

This problem is known as Telugu meaning “it is not that it is not that,” and has its root in the language’s history. It is the mother tongue of the Telugu people. It is spoken by approximately 15% of the population of the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

This is a really great question. I know how and when this language has been spoken, but I can’t think of any examples so I can’t really describe how it has been spoken. I know its from the time of the British Raj, but I can’t think of any examples.

For those interested, Telugu is actually a form of Tamil that was spoken by the Telugu people as well as the people from nearby southern India. This language has been in use since the time of the British as a way to communicate with people from other parts of India. Some of these early Telugu-speaking people came and settled in southern India and created their own dialect.

The first Telugu-speaking people came from the Telugu region of southern India. They then moved into the Tamil region of northern India and created a dialect that is still being spoken to this day. The language has also been used for centuries by other communities in northern India and has even been studied by linguists.

The problem is Telugu people tend to be rather insular and conservative, and are known for having a very “religious” upbringing. However, the dialect spoken in India is actually quite secular and is used for many different purposes. The language has also been studied by linguists for centuries.

The problem, of course, is that it’s not spoken by anybody but Telugu speakers. The language has been studied for centuries by linguists and has been used for many different purposes.

That being said, that means you could say that Telugu is a rather religious language that has a rather conservative outlook. And since Telugu is one of the most spoken languages in India, you really couldn’t blame people for looking at it as a cultural relic. However, while that is true, it can’t help but lead people to believe that if they speak the language, they are part of a monotheistic religion.

It’s true. While Telugu is a language with a very conservative outlook of religion, it doesn’t mean that it is so. It is a language that is the language of many religions around the world, and has a great deal of influence on the culture of India. In fact, the idea that you can be as religious as you want and still be a good person is pretty much the same idea as the idea that you can be a good person despite being a very religious person.


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