rajdhani bataiye


If you are a reader of this blog, you know that I’ve been asking myself the question “what am I doing right now?” and “what am I doing wrong?” and “what am I doing right?” in my head.

For some reason I am always reading about things that are going to be helpful to my life. Sometimes I am trying to figure out how to make my life easier, sometimes I am trying to figure out how to improve how I live my life. But for whatever reason, the things I actually want to read are the ones that are going to be helpful to me. I don’t know why.

To be honest, I am always reading about the things that I want to do. I just dont know how to make my life easy without getting more done. I hate making plans or trying to do something in the moment. I also dont like to waste time.

I read a lot of books. I have always been one to read books, I love reading. But I have never felt like I was reading a book. I felt like I was reading on my laptop. But I hate that feeling. It is frustrating. I hate the feeling of being in a book. I like the feel of a book. But when I am in a book I feel like I am reading on a screen. It is like I am reading someone else’s thoughts.

I would not say it is a bad feeling. It is very distracting. As you can see from the trailer, that feeling is not that much. The feeling isn’t the same as being in a book. It is just a feeling. But I know how it felt when I was reading the book. I was thinking, “This is like a book, you are reading onscreen”. I would not know what was going through my head.

What makes a book a book is that it has a certain quality. That quality is the quality of the book it is. If I read an e-book, I would not even think of it as a book. I would be in a bookstore and reading it onscreen. That is the quality of a book.

The quality of a book is that it conveys information. If you read a book on your phone, you’re not reading it. You are not reading a book. You are reading a screen projection.

It’s hard to read books on your phone, because then you just read a screen projection. So you have to decide what to read and what not to read. A book onscreen is like a movie projected, because you are in the middle of it. It’s not like you’re watching a movie, but it’s like you’re in the middle of a book.

We all have a tendency to forget, but there are some things that we can never forget. If you don’t like a book, or you’ve already finished reading it and you haven’t done anything with it, you’re stuck with it.

This is why I feel I should take up a position of leadership over here at WebWiz. I have been reading books for years and this is the first time I have come across the term “rajdhani bataiye.” It means “read a book on your phone,” and in this case, it is rajdhani bataiye.


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