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Today marks the beginning of the summer of 2016, and that means the beginning of summer corn, tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella. I’m so excited to start my gardening season, and as a new homeowner, this is the best time of year to get started.

I’m thinking I have a few dozen tomatoes that are looking a little slim. Some basil that’s looking a little thin, and some mozzarella that’s looking a little slim. We also have a few more krishnas than we expected. We have an extra eggplant coming, and a few more zucchinis, and I think I’m gonna get a few fresh basil leaves before the garden closes.

As a new homeowner, this time of year is the best time of year to start gardening. The temperatures are warmer, the water is easier to come by, and you can see just how much more bountiful the produce on your block will be if you do this.

I have a few extra eggs in the garden right now. We don’t have a lot of extra eggs to work with, so we just take the eggs out and try to get some! After I’ve covered our garden area, I’ll probably be out to finish up my garden.

This is one of those pictures where there is nothing really interesting to say. The way I look at it, you can use these pictures to show your potential customers what you have in your garden. You can try to explain what you have to offer and if you can’t make it believable, you can put it in the garden as a painting, and if you can make it believable, you can use the picture as a reference for future customers.

At any rate, once I’m out of the house and back at my office, the pictures will be sitting on my desk for the rest of the day and I’ll have a lot more to say about how I want to show off my garden.

This isn’t a joke. At any given moment you will see a picture of a picture and then another one. This is not a joke. You will see pictures of pictures. It can make you dizzy to see the same thing over and over. I am not trying to be a big pain in the ass here. I am just saying that I was having a bad day and my mind is not clear.

And to think that I am having a bad day, I am. I don’t need to be a big pain in the ass. I just want to show up and talk to my friends. I don’t need to be a big pain in the ass. You know that’s a little bit of a bad attitude.

While it is not a common occurrence, if you’ve been out of the loop for a while you might have noticed a trend in your life over the last year. We’re talking the kind of trend where you go from having one friend to one or more, to zero. We see this trend all the time from people who are losing friends to people who are losing their friends.


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