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Well let’s be honest, these are some of the best selfies I’ve ever taken.

I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to take you literally. If you’re going to tell me you are a cat, you’re going to have to show me pics of cats.

This is a cat. It’s a cat with a cat mask.

The cat in question is, of course, Krishna, a female cat who has been posing for pictures since early-spring 2012. She is the first cat we’ve seen in a long time (and the first female cat we’ve seen with a cat mask) and her outfit is something I’d be worried about if I was a person.

The reason we can all say that is because we all have been watching her on YouTube for years.

Well, to be fair, there still are a few other cats out there who are more than just cats, but we have already seen most of them in the past couple of years. And if you think that makes us the only ones to know Krishna, you ain’t seen nothing yet. She is only the first and there are more of her to come.

Krishna is only the first to appear on our website because of the amount of people that have already watched her videos. But there are still plenty of other cats out there who are just as cute as Krishna and just as much fun to watch. So go on, get your cat pics and send them our way.

For those of you that are interested in the cats that have already shown up in our gallery, then you can check out the photo gallery above. We have thousands of photos of these cats, so scroll down to see the most recent ones.

Well, Krishna is currently the most popular cat of all time, but there are lots of other cats who are just as cute and the cats that have already made it on our website are all of the same breed. So scroll down to see the latest cats who have made it on our website.


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