krishna photos in hd


This is probably the most popular and the most well-liked photo on this site. I think it’s because it’s one of the few photos that doesn’t automatically jump to the top of your list. Krishna’s face has always been my favorite, and I love his expression. He is so relaxed and happy, and his face never changes.

The same goes for the photos of other Krishna. The face is the face, and the expression is the expression, so you can hardly fault Krishna for the change of expression in photos of himself.

There was only one other photo this site has in which I would have put the face first. That’s a photo of Krishna as the God himself. The way he carries himself in that photo is so relaxed and happy, the face just doesn’t convey this same feeling.

It doesn’t matter how you view Krishna as an icon of peace, or an icon of war, in the face of Krishna, you can’t help but feel the same about the face.

The same thing goes for Vishnu, Krishna’s avatar. There are so many examples in the Bhagwad Gita, where Krishna looks so happy and relaxed, that I would think we can all agree that the face should be the first thing people see in a photo of Vishnu. Like Krishna, Vishnu’s face has that same relaxed and happy expression, and that’s not just because it makes him look young and carefree, but also because it conveys his peaceful nature.

Vishnu’s face is the face of a god. His appearance is that of a god, and the face itself is a reflection of his nature. So to represent this, the face of Vishnu is that of a god. It should be a face we can all agree on if we see it.

Vishnu is the embodiment of the force of energy; his face reflects that force. He is one of the oldest gods, and has been in human form for nearly 500 years. As such, it should be the face that we all see, so as to represent that power. And the face is also the face of a god, so it should be an expression of godly power. And the face should be a reflection of Vishnu, not a man.

But then why did they decide to make the face of the god male? The face of Vishnu is very clearly a god, and it is also the face of the energy that Vishnu represents. This is not to say that he is male, just that he is represented as a god. It is what he looks like that makes him a god. And the face of Vishnu is also his godly form.

Vishnu is the form of energy that represents godhood and being powerful. In the Hindu religion he represents the god of creation and the creator of the universe.

Vishnu is the energy that represents the god of the universe that is the creator of everything. Vishnu also represents the divine force of energy that is the source of all existence. But the energy in him also represents the god of power and being powerful. So the energy in Vishnu is also the power of godhood.


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