krishna photos for whatsapp dp


This is a photo shoot from our new website for whatsapp. It’s our first photo shoot and krishna is so happy with how they came out. This is a beautiful photo of krishna and his friends. The photo was taken on a trip to the beach, so it captures the sunset perfectly.

We shot our first photo shoot at the beach in India, our first full-fledged photo shoot in Asia, and finally, for our new website, we were able to shoot a photo shoot in Asia. So yeah, its been a very exciting few days.

Just to put the cherry on our cherry-covered asses, we got a couple of great shots. We also got to see some really beautiful photos from a trip to India.

We decided to have a couple of our first pictures of the beach together so that we could have a new website that was as different from the normal one as possible. It’s a great place to shoot the pictures, in fact, in case you wondered, we were pretty excited when we got to shoot our first photo shoot in a couple of days. It was also our first time shooting in India. It’s a great place to shoot the pictures, too, because the entire experience was so different.

We’re not going to tell you the story of this trip, but here is an excerpt: When we arrived in Delhi, the first thing we saw and got to see was a pretty large pool. We were excited, because the pool is in front of the Taj Mahal Palace and we were all pretty excited to have a glimpse of the beautiful palace. We went to the pool and saw all the steps and the pool was full so we all had to jump into the pool.

So we jumped in, but we still got dizzy. We jumped up and down and tried to stay in the pool but we were still dizzy. So we jumped to the side and the pool was full of water. So we jumped back to the pool and saw everyone on the side of the pool and we couldn’t even get our feet under us to get out of the water.

Apparently I have been lucky enough to play pool with Krishna Singh, who was playing with his dad, Rajesh and me. Rajesh is an extremely talented pool player, and Krishna is a very good one, and that’s the story of the day.

So, for the first time in a long time, Krishna Singh was not having a good day. First he was having a bad day, and then he was having a good day. Then he was having a bad day and good day. Then he was having a good day and bad day. Now he is having a bad day and good day.

That’s the story of the day. Krishna’s dad Rajesh is a very skilled pool player, but in the past few days he has been unable to do much at all. As a result, Krishna has been playing with his dad at the pool table.

The story of the day so far is the pool table incident. At first, Krishna was all in favor of playing his dad, because it was the only thing that could keep him sane. But then he realized that their game was not working for him. He knew that he could not keep up this game for long, and so he went to the pool to play.


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