krashna pic


krashna pic is a collection of colorful wall art and photography that I am currently working on. I started it because I am a self-described visual person. I like to see, hear, and experience the world around me, and I am constantly challenged to improve and refine my art.

Most of the art is from the “fairy” side of things, but I also like to keep the art alive with my friends and family.

krashna pic is by me, with a lot of help from some of my friends. We’re all artists and we just really like the art. I’m currently working on a new piece of art that I hope will be a reflection of this, but I will have to wait until I get back to the studio to share it.

If you’re not a fan of my work, you might want to be warned that I don’t really see eye to eye with much of what is called “art.” I have plenty of friends whose work I like but think it is not art. I am not just saying this to be mean, but to show my own philosophy. I do believe in the concept of art, but I don’t think “art” is the same thing as “art.

A lot of art is about being honest. I see art as the art that I see, the art that I have an opinion on, and the art that I want to share. So, I think that it is not art if it is not honest. I do not mean to be disrespectful, I think that people who feel they can paint the way they want, and that is their right, are doing something wrong. I am not trying to say that the way I paint is wrong.

For me, I think that being a painter is a calling, not a profession. I think that painting should be a passion. I think that the passion for art is that it should be something you want to do for a living. But I think it should not be something that is so serious that you cannot do it for fun.

I am not accusing you of bad painting, I think that the reason why I am here and here is because I want to paint a better image of my own home. I’m not saying you cannot do anything for a living. I think that being a painter is a calling. You are creating a new world for yourself. You are creating a new way for the world to be a living thing.

I think that is the biggest problem with people who are painting homes. It is a calling. They’re not just painting a house. They’re creating a new way of living that is different from the way we live now. They’re creating something that is worth preserving.

In a way, we all have a calling in life. It is a calling to something larger than ourselves. We all have an idea of what we want to create. We all have ideas of what we think a career should be. We all know that we need to find a way to combine our skills, passions, and talents to create something that is valuable to society. Painting is a way of doing that.

In a way, the idea of painting is a way of creating something that is valuable to society. It’s a way of giving something back to the world. And it’s a way of showing that we have something in common.


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