kol vs lep dream11


The kol is a lot of talk, and that talk has the power to really make life stressful. It is a great way to keep you on the right track. It can be a great way to kickstart a new life, or it can be a great way to try and make the world a better place. I find kol is very helpful when I’m trying to get everything ready for my new life. If you have a kol plan, you can do it all.

If you have a kol dream, you are basically taking a step forward, but you have no idea what it will look like. So far, kol is often a place that has a lot of the same elements as your real life, but without the real people. It is usually a place where you do not have to do anything to be successful, and you can just hang in there and have fun.

I mean, kol is great, but you have to be careful what you choose to include. When I’m going back to my old life, I usually have at least 3 different kol dreams before I make a decision.

The first time I was in, I was in the middle of a fight among the kol police force. They were getting ready to execute two people who were being framed for a drug deal. The two people who were being executed were kol cops and their friends, a man and a woman. I just got to my feet as I saw the kol riot police running towards them, and I was ready to fight.

The second time I saw the kol riot police, I was alone, and it was very scary. I was so worried that they would kill me that I was going to sleep on the road. I had no idea where I was, and I was afraid that I’d end up in a nightmare.

I was in the middle of a road near downtown LA and I heard a loud noise, like someone hitting something in a car. I looked over and saw the kol riot police walking up a hill, and I was scared. I started to run, but my feet got tangled in a tree.

When you get into a situation like this, do you just stay close to the road and hope they don’t see you? Or do you go for the closest place to hide? One of the biggest advantages of kol is that they have a good sense of the area, so they can always look around for you. So for me, the first thing I did was to start running towards the closest tree I could find.

Some people just won’t get out of their cars, especially when they are in a police car. This was one of those people. They were driving along the road, but they were at the bottom of the hill, so they just drove straight into the middle of the road. They did this because there was nothing in the way, and if you could see them, they would be fine. You never know why they do this, but they did.

The reality is that you can’t change the way the world has been built.

You can change the way the world has been built, but a car cannot change the way the world was built. The road was built by a very intelligent person. Someone got caught in it, and you can’t change it.


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