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Jaa lifestyle is Jaa, the online lifestyle magazine that is published 7 times a year. This means you’ll get to hear from me, and I’m pretty sure I’ll get to read from your inbox. I also have a personal blog that I’ve published two essays a year. Jaa provides a safe place to express yourself and learn from others.

Jaa has a pretty straightforward mission: to bring you all the latest and greatest from the world of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogs. This time Ive got something for you. And my new blog will actually be on the site. So feel free to check it out and let me know what you think.

Ive got my own personal blog where I teach and run classes at the University of Phoenix. I also run a bunch of personal blogs and write for different blogs. Ive got an essay up on jaa that will be up tomorrow. Ive got some personal essays up on the site and another one coming up in a few days.

This new website will be called jaa lifestyle.com. Ive been developing it for a little over a year now, and I decided that it was time to share my work with more people. I’ve got a few other things on the site that I plan on sharing soon.


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