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My name is hrithik roshan son and I am a computer programmer. I currently work as a programmer for a large corporation. I have been programming for over a decade. I know a lot about computers and programming in general. I have a degree in Computer Science.

I used to program for a company called Microsoft. I was working on a program that was used to help people with their typing. I was using a program called Windows Forms. I was programming on a Windows 7 system. My boss was a really huge jerk. I was getting paid $65,000 for the program, but I could have gotten a lot more money had I been a more skilled programmer.

I think there was a lot more I could have done, but I don’t think I would have gotten very much more out of going to college. I did want to learn how computers worked, but I couldn’t figure out how to program in Visual Basic or Visual C++. I couldn’t figure out how to write a compiler or a linker. I couldn’t figure out how to program in C or C++.

The problem is we don’t really know what we want to do. And the same goes for all the other parts of life. A lot of people want to be writers, musicians, or filmmakers, but they don’t know what that really means. They want to know what they want to do, but they don’t know what they want to do. No one wants to be a writer with no ambitions. Or a musician with no aspirations. Or a filmmaker with no aspirations.

The best way to learn about the art of programming is to understand the basics in your code and know how to use it. I know this because I got an amazing job at a company where I worked for years before I had to teach myself programming. I would tell you what I was doing but what is programming to do? You are the author, programmer, programmer. Your code is written in the language you use. You are the editor.

I could go on and on about this subject. But the best way to learn a programming language is to get to know your code. A good way to build a good program is to learn how to write it. Like you would with any other skill. After programming you are probably going to look back and say, “Hmmm… I can see how this might be difficult. I should maybe go back and re-write it.” It’s like learning a new language.

For most programmers, the first version of a program is the most important of all. Because that version is the one that actually runs. It is the most likely to be the first version of a program to be accepted by a company. If that version is good, the company will love it, and it will likely become part of the company’s culture. It’s an important part of getting your code accepted by an employer, so it’s worth the effort and time you spent on learning.

The second thing I’d like to say about re-writing a program is that it can actually be a very good experience. The first version of a program can be really boring and just plain wrong, so it can be a really good idea to re-write it and learn a few things that you didn’t initially know. You will learn some things that you didn’t think you needed to know, but there is no point in learning something if you don’t understand it.

We recently rewrote a game engine that we used for a few years, and it was really a great experience. The code we worked on was pretty complex, and we felt we learned a lot about the programming language and about programming itself. The only thing that we wish we could have done better is that we could have used C#, and more of a real-world example of the way C# can be used to write games. But that’s a whole other topic…

With a language like C there is no such thing as “over-engineering”. Sure, you can write bigger code, but you can also write simpler code too. We wrote our game engine in C because that’s how we learned to program. It made the whole process more enjoyable, and because C is the lowest-level language that we use, it’s also the lowest-level programming language we use.

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