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We thought of this video as a fun video to share with our followers. We thought about it as a game, a competition, or a conversation. We never expected to get people to download the Gujarati status video, but we did.

We know you’re probably wondering, “What the hell is the Gujarati status video?” In short, it’s the Gujarati status video. In short, you’re in a Gujarati village in India. Your only resource is three magic beans. The video asks you to bring back the beans to a person in the village. You do that by getting everyone in the village (or at least the ones who are willing to watch the video) to vote for you.

It would be easier to explain if you had more of a grasp on the Gujarati language. The video was made by a group of students in India who wanted to show how easy it was to learn the Gujarati language. There’s no particular reason to watch it, but if you do it might be worth it to see how easy it is to communicate in the language.

This is a fantastic way to get a Gujarati speaker to watch a video, but the one time you don’t have someone to watch the video for you is when you just want to post the video on Youtube and get your own little following (or is that following someone you know?). The video was uploaded to YouTube on August 7, 2014 and is more than 3,000 views.

The video was shot by Amit Shah, who is a Gujarati speaker and who will be teaching us a few cool things along the way. This video is not only an introduction to Gujarati, but it also talks about how to pronounce certain sounds in the language. If you’re looking for a Gujarati language course, then Amit Shah’s is definitely the one you want.

Amit Shah’s video is full of Gujarati words, so you can just watch the video and pronounce the words as Amit Shah tells you to. The only thing you miss is that Amit Shah was a Pakistani and so there are a few words that he did not know for sure. But he is definitely a cool guy so we can forgive him that.

Amit Shah is one of the people behind Gujarat State University, which is in Gujarat, India. He is also famous for his work on the Gujarati language, which is the official language of India. In a recent interview, Amit Shah gave a presentation on how to pronounce certain Gujarati words from a video he made for his own book.

The video was posted earlier this summer but then lost some of its context, so we can’t tell you if it actually was Amit Shah or someone else. But you’ll have to watch it to find out.

He basically demonstrates how to pronounce the words in the video and talks about how he can use them in his personal life. In his speech, he also addresses the fact that Gujarati people have a tendency of saying “mohat hai” to their own names. The video is a bit dated but still worth watching.

We’re aware that it’s not really appropriate to compare Amit Shah to Adolf Hitler, but he is the current Chief Minister of Gujarat and the video is quite a nice thing to see. Amit Shah is a charismatic leader and he’s able to convey that message without seeming to be trying too hard. He’s also an extremely talented politician. With all that being said, we know that we’ll probably never hear again about the video.


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