gangubai kathiawadi real story


It all started with a couple of friends at one of our favorite places in Chennai. We were sitting at a restaurant in the very early evening. I was enjoying my dinner with some of my other friends, and one of them mentioned that we should go to a nearby temple. He then mentioned that we should come to the temple if we were going to the temple. I was very happy to have a partner to visit a temple with.

I quickly said, “But we can’t go to the temple, because there are a bunch of people around trying to steal our food.

We had just finished a very nice dinner and were about to go to a nearby restaurant for a late night snack before heading to bed. We were just about to leave when someone came up and said that there was a car parked in front of the restaurant. We told them that there was a car, but that there was no one at the restaurant. They told us that there were people inside the car, but no one was hurt.

The story behind this is very weird actually. This was not a random car. And this was not a random incident. A man called the police and told them that he had found a car, which had been vandalized and broken into. But the car was not exactly a car. It was a trailer. And it had been stolen, and the owner had been arrested. He was later found dead and his body had been dumped in the woods.

After the police showed up, they found a dead body in the trunk of the car. That’s a pretty obvious clue that the car’s owner is the suspect, but there’s no body found. No crime scene. No evidence. No clues. Only a body.

The police had been unable to trace the stolen car. The suspect had been involved in a car accident and had died on the scene. When we found this body the police didn’t know who he was, or even if he was alive. They didn’t have a clue who the owner of the car was.

The police were certain they had no clue who the owner was. What was the most likely suspect? No clue. Now the police are baffled, and our investigation is all over the map. The most logical suspect? No clue. The most likely suspect? No clue. The police and the media are all over it.

The police are baffled because the accident was an accident, and it wasnt the owner of the car that killed him. After all, there was no blood in the car or any other sign of life after the accident. Who would have wanted to kill this poor man? The police don’t know, but for the moment the case is closed. We’re waiting to hear what the case means.

It might be easier to open a new case, but nobody’s going to open any new case now they should be open once it’s closed.

But the media are not here to tell us this. And in fact the media are not even trying to tell us anything. They are there to push the story. That is, they are there to push the story that there is a massive conspiracy to kill this rich young man in a car accident. That is, the police think that this mysterious, rich young man killed himself because he was murdered by the rich young man’s rich younger brother.


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