full form of lol in whatsapp


this is a full-length form of lol in whatsapp. I’m not sure if all of the content is actually funny. This is just a sample, but I’m guessing it is from the same source.

There’s a lot to say about this.

lol in whatsapp is, as the name suggests, a full-length “lol”. It uses the entire volume of text in the app to convey a specific idea which is generally hilarious to the recipient. This can be done with images, short text snippets, emoji, etc.

In this context (lol in whatsapp), the word ‘lol’ is usually used to mean ‘laughing out loud.’ The fact that this is the full-length form of lol in whatsapp is just a coincidence, but it’s certainly not a bad one. lol in whatsapp is just one of those things that are so prevalent in the app that it’s hard not to notice.

lol in whatsapp is by far the most popular lol emoji, so it’s definitely one of the most popular lol memes in the world. The same is true for lol in whatsapp. It’s just a coincidence though, but there’s a lot of things that are just a coincidence. LOL in whatsapp is just one of those things that happen all the time.

The most popular lol emoji in 2016 is the LOL in whatsapp. The meme itself is just a coincidence, but if we were to use it to do something good, we’d want to spread the love. Instead we’re spreading our love across our social networks and that’s kind of a bad thing. As the trend for lol in whatsapp continues to spread, we need to create memes that spread love like lol in whatsapp.

The only person in this movie that I know who is going to get a haircut is the guy who plays an ad-drama on the video game. The character’s hair is a little more extreme, but a lot more likely to go viral. I don’t think I’ll be able to do a hair cut today, but I don’t think I’ll be able to do anything special unless I get a haircut.

lol comes from the word “laugh” that in Chinese means “I am laughing.” But in Chinese there are a lot of different ways to express the same thing. I think lol in whatsapp is one of the most effective memes we have because it makes the meaning of the word clear. If you have the same idea as me, I would encourage you to make a meme out of this.

The fact is that some people know that lol is a form of Internet humor, but few people know exactly what it means. For example, not many people know that lol is a shortened form of the expression, “laugh out loud.” In Chinese, lol is the word for “laugh.” So when someone says, “lol in whatsapp” they are effectively saying, “I have a funny idea that I have to share with you.

Lol in whatsapp is the name of a meme created by a Chinese college student named Wang Yu.


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