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So what to do today? I’m sure you’re going to read this before you even get out of bed, but right here, right now, is the time to start your day! You might be getting ready to hit the shower or maybe you even just had a long night of drinking. Whatever you’ve been doing, if you’re not currently busy, then it’s time to get back on track.

We know this because the best way to start your day is to take stock of the whole day. Get a list of all the things youve been doing. Then list all the things you know you have to do. Then pick one or two things you dont have to do. Then take a day where you do nothing, and see if its better or worse than the day you did things. Then youll know how youre doing.

There are two ways to look at this. The more practical approach, which is what I usually use, is to take what youve already done in one day and apply it to the next day. This works great if youve done the same thing in the past, but not so well if youve changed things around. In this case you have to actually make note of what youve done. Then you have to make a note of what you know you have to do.

So I guess if youve seen this movie you know that its a comedy. I mean its about a man who is really really really really good at being a man. So he is so good at being a man that he doesn’t realize he has been acting all this time, and so he is in a constant state of not being a man. He’s being so good at being a man that he doesn’t even realize the man he is.

That’s right. But if youve not seen this movie, then you are a fool. I know you have no idea what I am talking about because you have no clue what being a human is.

You can go to moviewatcher.com or see some movies to check out for yourself, or check out our website. Also, you can check out other moviewatcher.com sites like Watch Dogs and VHS, or check out The Twilight Zone and The Hunger Games.

To quote a line from the movie itself, “There’s nothing sexier than a strong man, not even a cock and balls.” For those of us who are men, the reality is that we have no power, no strength, and no ability to give our women what they want. So if we want to be manly, we have to take some self-knowledge and learn to be a woman first.

Not that I’m trying to be a man at all here, I’m just pointing out that the point of the movie is to be a man. And by “a man” I mean “a man who isn’t the stereotypical man.” So that just means we have to learn to be masculine as well. There are some men who don’t even wear underwear. Some men can’t even drive a car.

Maybe, but in the end the point of the movie is to be a man who isnt the stereotypical man. In the end, the movie is about taking control of our lives, and a point of the movie is to help us do it.

I think the point of the movie is to teach you a few things about being a man. Whether you like it or not. Like any other thing, it will come full-circle and lead to bigger and better things.


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