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I got to a point last year where I didn’t even like myself. I really wasn’t that happy with my body. I was very thin and had a flat stomach.

One of the things that makes a man feel good is his reflection in a mirror. This is why when you look into the mirror, you feel better about yourself. And so when you look into the mirror, you want to look your best (at least for a few seconds).

I had a few moments last year where I actually wanted to go and get a mirror. But then I realized that I have a mirror right next to me and it would have been so awkward to ask my friend to help me look at my face. So I ended up just wearing my mirror to bed and going to sleep. I’ve since discovered that there are very few objects that I don’t want to see my reflection in.

The best mirror I have is in my bathroom. I use it to look at the backs of the mirror, the backs of my arms, and the backs of my legs. On a regular day, I use it for two things: to look at myself in the mirror and to look at the back of my neck. My friend (and photographer) Shai Lopes was kind enough to let me borrow his mirror. I look at my reflection in it everyday and I think its pretty fantastic.

Like me, bhabhi uses the bathroom mirror for much more than just looking at the backs of his arms and legs. To make it a bit more interesting, he also looks at the backs of his head, neck, and shoulders. To illustrate the fact that his head has no real back, bhabhi also shows his reflection sitting on the toilet. In this photo we can see the back of his head, his neck, and his shoulders.

bhabhi showed off his new selfie in a recent video, but we recently talked to him about the process of getting his first one. He also said he got the idea for the selfie while he was playing with his friends’ hair in a bathtub. bhabhi was in the bathtub for so long that his hair began to curl, making the back of his head look like a bald patch.

The first selfie we asked bhabhi about was not the best one, as he had to put on makeup and put on a headband, plus we asked him if he wanted to do an autograph, but he said he was glad that he did. He loved the video, and since it was his first time doing something like this, he felt a bit apprehensive.

bhabhi has a lot of cool powers, including being able to make his hair curl, but in the video he also shows off a few other super powers, notably his ability to see through walls, and his ability to use the bong to blow bubbles.

We were pretty impressed with what this kid had to offer, and for a guy who’s only been doing this for a few hours, he’s really going to have to put in some serious work if he wants to pull off the whole autograph thing. But he’s also a very nice kid, so at least we’ll be able to give him a few more autographs in the future.

In the trailer it’s clear that these guys will be joining forces with each other as they create a new group called the “Black Brothers”.


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