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The attitude hashtag #2020 is the most popular hashtagging on Instagram. Instagram has more than 400 million users around the world, and that number grows every month. People around the world have the ability to connect and interact with one another on the platform.

I know, I know, I’m an Instagram addict myself. The platform has allowed me to connect with my friends, and to try and create more meaningful relationships. But I’ve also become a lot more aware of the ways in which those relationships don’t always work out. I’ve noticed that people are very quick to say things on Instagram that get them in trouble, and I think that’s a terrible thing.

Instagram is a platform for people to express themselves and share their ideas. What happens when people don’t follow these rules? When people use Instagram as a forum for personal attacks, bullying, and general “bad” behavior? I’d be willing to bet that something like this is happening.

When I first started using Instagram, I didnt know any better. I used to message random people that I didnt know werent friends just to see who was responding to my messages. But over the last year Ive learned to trust myself to be in control of my own thoughts, and Ive learned to speak my mind when I see someone has something against me.

And now that I have become a better person (and have gotten rid of my trollish Instagram-friend status), I have found myself using the hashtag #attitude2020 to post in an effort to have a positive tone about myself. I find that when I use this hashtag I am much less likely to fall into the trap of being called a troll or a bully. And in the most recent instance I posted five photos of my own photo collage as a hashtag and the comments were overwhelmingly positive.

I use them for a few reasons. The first is that the hashtag is so universal a term that I just feel like it sums up the feeling of how I feel generally. The other reason is that I’m on Instagram that way and I’m a lot more comfortable posting in this way as well.

Instagram is a social platform that has become more and more popular. I feel that it is one of the first places people are “finding out” about what it means to be a person. And while the platform is still in its infancy, I find it incredibly addictive. Instagram has become a place where I feel like I can put pictures that are completely unrelated to my life out there just for the sake of expressing myself.

I started posting my photos on Instagram as a way to just be in the social atmosphere of my day to day lives. I felt it would help me feel more connected with people. But I don’t know that I would have posted photos of my house if I didn’t feel the need to share my own story. I guess that feeling is the same for everyone.

After the trailer, I decided to head down to the beach with my friends to get some dinner. I spent the night in the dark, so I didn’t have to go in the dark to find my friends. I also spent the night in the dark, so I didn’t have to be in the dark to find myself. I decided to live in a small apartment in downtown Dallas named after me. I have a lot of friends in the city, but I have no real friends on Instagram.

So, a year after my last post, I’ve decided to change my profile to be more of a “I don’t post a lot of photos because I like to live in the dark” type of account. I’ve also decided to change my Instagram bio to be “I’m a photographer, and I live in the dark.


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