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If you want to know the number of people who’ve written to us asking about their life and what it was like to have a baby, this is it! Your pregnancy may have been a lot happier and less stressful if you had your baby in a hospital, but it still was definitely a stressful experience.

Here’s why: There are just so many different options for birth in India. From traditional home births, to home-delivered and hospital births, to cesarean births. The decision of whether to have a C-section or vaginal birth was one of the most important decisions you are likely to make in childbirth. While many people assume a home birth is the most natural, they are often wrong.

In India, there are various options for birth. There are home births, traditional home births, and traditional hospital births. Some of these options may seem more natural, but the fact is that no matter what you choose, it is actually harder on your body and more stressful than you might think.

For a woman, the most natural birth is one that doesn’t involve any cesareans. This is because the vaginal canal is the first place that the baby’s head will emerge when it is born. Because the vaginal canal is smaller than other parts of the body, it is easy to get blood clots in, or to get an infection. The only way to prevent blood clots and infections is to have a cesarean section.

Now, in some ways, it is good news that you can get a cesarean birth without having a cesarean section. You can have the baby and then go home, have some food, and enjoy a nice cold beer. But this doesn’t mean you’ll be able to enjoy a beer, and it probably won’t be a nice cold beer either. The pain of any surgery is always there, especially if you have been having sex for that long.

C-sections are usually very painful and can cause significant pain over a 24 hours period. I know that I had a C-section when I was 18 months old, and it was a very painful experience. This kind of pain is usually worse in the early stages of labor, and less in the later stages. I knew that I would have to have a cesarean section, but I didnt know if it would be as painful as it is now.

The way I remember it, it was like a rubber band that stretched and twisted over my body, cutting off almost half of my abdomen. I had to have another C-section a few years later after my second son was born with a life-threatening condition.

I’ve had a cesarean done about 6 times, and I can say that the pain is comparable to having an amputation. I’ve had it done about 5 times and I’m definitely not going to be doing this again.

I don’t even need to do a C-section, I can do it in my pants.

The operation itself is painless, but the pain of a second C-section is a lot more than a C-section, especially when you consider that it is a surgical procedure that will sometimes require you to wear a hospital gown for up to 12 hours after you’ve had it. And that’s assuming you do it at all, since many patients are admitted as “compliant” with the procedure as opposed to having to be in a recovery room.


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