20 Ways to Differentiate Your Fantasy Character with a Unique Name

If you’re like me, then you’ve probably struggled to come up with a name for your fantasy characters. There are so many out there! I thought it might be helpful to create this list of 20 unique names that will help set your character apart from the rest.

I have also included some variations of these names, so if you find a name on the list that isn’t quite what you’re looking for, there’s still plenty more to choose from!

There are three types of fantasy series: epic adventures and quests (e.g., Lord of the Rings), character-driven stories with lots of world building (e.g., The Wheel of Time) or urban fantasies set in contemporary times but with fantastical elements like vampires or magic (e.g., Kim Harrison). If your novel is not fitting into any one Luckily, categories such as elves, dwarves and gnomes are

have their own names. If your story features these types of creatures then you can use the name examples for them as well.

Airlea: air + lee (Lee is a common surname) – an elven maiden with hair like fine strands of spun gold who often dresses in white silk robes; she has eyes that change from green to blue depending on her mood

Arianwyn: “silver lady” or “silver blessed one”; literally means ‘star’ but also relates to light/knowledge because stars are visible at night when everyone else is asleep so they’re seen as beacons guiding people through darkness

Bronwen: Welsh form of Briony; brion or “Fiction” only add to the diversity of Interested in having a wide array of books yourself or in your library? Shop smart and make sure you contribute to the community by using old copies for other purposes.

Calianna: a powerful and wise elf with silver hair who often wears cream robes; her eyes are the color of amber, which is considered beautiful in most cultures.

Caraissa: an “angelic” sounding name for a female Drow because it’s derived from ‘Cara’ which means love or beloved + ‘Iza’, meaning light/glow (which can also be interpreted as wisdom) – so she might have been loved by those around her or seen to possess some amazing quality that lights up everything around them.

She sounds like someone who has qualities we may aspire towards ourselves if The tumultuous, eventful lives of the millennial generation leave many feeling like we are losing touch with who we really are. This leads me to ask what parts of our selfs have we lost?

Daeja: a “warrior” sounding name for a female Drow – so she might be someone who seems to always have some kind of fight or battle going on internally, which produces an exterior that appears constantly strong/fighting. She would personify the phrase, “peaceful warrior” because her fights are inward and not outward.

She sounds like someone who is constantly fighting themselves but also maybe has a deeper understanding of what it means to balance peace with strength in order to maintain world stability. A word meaning one’s personal truth despite external opposition; peaceability

Elaina: an elegant sounding name for a female Drow – so she may be seen as graceful and gentle (maybe even soft.

Drow Names:

  • Asuilo
  • Bihuola
  • Cadila
  • Drednua
  • Ewsid
  • Figik
  • Gyula
  • Fijokia
  • Huncia
  • Imcua
  • Jambyt
  • Kumila
  • Mincua
  • Nisyta
  • Opmcua
  • Punio
  • Qsuia
  • Refmua
  • Sadmua
  • Tuncua
  • Winsua
  • Xusmu
  • Yanhus
  • Zyamoa
  • Ahlysas
  • Akordian
  • Aylisis
  • Baqsaa
  • Bhatino
  • Bruyola
  • Cavyuila
  • Candrola
  • Crockto
  • Defti
  • Didhar
  • Dunto
  • Eafsoa
  • Erona
  • Edosha
  • Fundaral
  • Familya
  • Finyal
  • Guooia
  • Ghazxola
  • Ginjol
  • Habron
  • Hinwats
  • Hallobol
  • Iujik
  • Isdrola
  • Inona
  • Innnajol
  • Jhaliya
  • Jullaka
  • Junko
  • Kerona
  • Kaxcol
  • Kunwool
  • Leronsa
  • Ludian
  • Lendrian
  • Mukola
  • Manfrin
  • Mionaj
  • Nadle
  • Nadleas
  • Nafoda
  • Ouuia
  • Ocharda
  • Oerona
  • Patgon
  • Pandhula
  • Payera
  • Pinjj
  • Qaasrola
  • Qzaxola
  • Qibbna
  • Rafoola
  • Rudhrin
  • Raftu
  • Silickon
  • Sababa
  • Shazol
  • Tulika
  • Titaya
  • Tijaola
  • Uhha
  • Umbala
  • Uyyyta
  • Voppl
  • Vaaqola
  • Vijaopua
  • Wassxz
  • Wussra
  • Wertona
  • Xanxd
  • Xacjiol
  • Xijula
  • Yare
  • Yanbfa
  • Yullio
  • Zaxca
  • Zasser
  • Ziuuj
  • Uhlsral Helviana
  • Alakgloth Baenep
  • Elaugeth Eilsund
  • Chaszgloth Claddth
  • Zaknavin Lhaliirn
  • Jegnel Beltossz
  • Qualyn Illaerth
  • Keston Kront’tear
  • Molvayas Glannath
  • Ildan Beltaulur
  • Jarafein Auvryth
  • Zeknar Maeani
  • Gelantar Zauani
  • Welvyln Auvryval
  • Llaulvan Ichonrae
  • Jhaldrin Mlezzagh
  • Selddril Telith
  • Lirdlil Cormrane
  • Vhurdaer Mizzrym
  • Tarlyn Faertala
  • Uhlshriir Hun’urden
  • Gelvyr Hlaafin
  • Bergzaer Auvryth
  • Barrysn Godetlar
  • Xazen Jusztonrae
  • Chagred Galliirn
  • Honemfein Hunzroryn
  • Chasrann Chaulssyl
  • Ryltar Zauviir
  • Seldszar Blaerabban
  • Solyrd Baenurden
  • Wodmyr Freana
  • Yazhrae Noquzynge
  • Phyxdriirn Rilynrae
  • Ilmdyn T’siir
  • Chasinyon Zolael
  • Lirdve Olyl
  • Alnel Ichyth
  • Kethan Dyrr
  • Quendar Philiom
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