सीएनजी का फुल फॉर्म


You may think this is a very “loud” title for a blog post. I have to say, however, that I can’t help it when I get asked about this. It is a very common question I get asked. I have actually never seen a single person ask the question, “Is that a question?” I have never seen anyone ask me this question.

I think the answer is that this is a very common question. I get asked almost every day by people who don’t know much about me, or who ask me a very superficial question that is really just a way of getting to know me. I have to say that the most common way to get to know a person is by asking “So, what do you do?” I get asked this question a lot.

This is the kind of question that you should never ask people. In fact, if you do, you might end up pissing them off. What this question means is that you’re making an assumption about them. You’re assuming that they have an opinion about something. You’re assuming that they’re worth listening to. That’s not what a question is for.

What you should be doing is asking them what they do they do. This is what a question is for.

This is so good, because it means that people who are interested in hearing about what you and your friends are up to can actually answer a question about you. This is why people use this question as a way to get to know people better. I know this because every day I, like millions of others, ask myself this question.

This question is not for everyone, but it is the question that drives me to do what I do. In the past I’ve written about a person’s hobbies, interests, and how the person interacts with the world around them. This question is a good way to find out what a person does when they aren’t interacting with the world around them. The reason why you should ask this question is because the answers are usually very interesting.

To me, this question is one that most people would ask if they didn’t know the answer. But most people don’t ask this question because they have a very bad habit of not asking questions. When you ask this question, you’re taking a step towards self-awareness. When you answer this question, you are not only taking a step towards self-awareness, you are also making a statement. You are letting other people know what you do when you dont interact with the world around you.

In short, you are saying, “I am not afraid of the world and what it can do to me.” You are saying, “I know what I can do about it.

We’re not usually afraid of the world and what it can do to us. We’re usually afraid of ourselves. When we see the world around us, we often want to hide, so as to not be seen. When we see ourselves in the mirror, we often think we can’t do anything about it because we are so small and weak.


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