राजधानी नाइट वीडियो


The following animation illustrates a common story that I tell many of my students, and one I love to share with them too. We all know what happens when you break your phone in half. It’s still a powerful reminder that our emotions have their own language, and that they are all interconnected and can affect each other. It is a powerful lesson to learn, and one that you should always try to heed to protect yourself.

I had always thought that breaking a phone was a bad idea, but the fact that I can show the damage to it in a video clip is proof that it can be done. I love the fact that the video clip makes it look as if the phone is being broken apart by a giant spoon, but it doesn’t actually look that way. The breaking of the screen is a very natural thing to do. A small amount of force (one finger) can easily rip the screen from the phone.

The truth is that if we are not careful, we will break the screen. While we can do that, we must be careful not to break the screen in any way. I often see people on TV talk about how the phone is broken, and how it is a crime to break it in any way. The trick is to be aware that the screen isn’t broken as intended, but instead as a result of some action that is somehow connected to the breaking of the screen.

You can see it as a screen that is being ripped apart, but in reality there is a small amount of force behind it, and that force is very likely to be used in some way that you do not expect. We have to be very careful in order not to break the screen in any way. We must be very careful to not break the screen in any way.


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